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treadmill re-calibrating






Sometimes a diagnostic call isn’t needed and something as simple as treadmill re-calibrating is enough to fix issues. This is something that you can easily do yourself, to make it easier we have made a video on treadmill re-calibrating.

Faults sometimes can be easily sorted by treadmill re-calibrating, what the re-calibration does is reset all the values within the machine. If something has happened as simple as a power surge or the memory has become corrupt then you will need to re-calibrate your machine, the best way to find out how to start is to check with the manufacturer. Best thing to start with is to check your manual to see if there is a simple mode to get into, this engineer or managers mode will allow you to re-calibrate if your machine has that option. Not all machines have a re-calibrate option so start with the manual or your machines manufacturer.

If this hasn’t solved your issue it is possible there is a bigger problem, you may need a diagnostic visit so we can identify the issue.

Got questions?, use our ask an expert service to get expert advice on your treadmill. Need a bit more knowledge? did you know that we run training courses on repairs?

We also have a sister company that sells treadmill parts though we would always suggest that you get the experts to fit any parts.