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Manufacturers will void your warranty if you don’t do this! Here are the 3 most important hacks you need to know:-

1. Lubricate the running belt – Add 15 to 20ml of silicone oil under your running belt and then check it every 3 months and re-apply as required. Unsure how to do it? Check out our handy video

2. Clean the machine! Vacuum around and underneath (especially important if you have pets) and wipe down the frame to remove perspiration. This will prevent frame corrosion and will help prolong the life of your running belt and deck by keeping dust and animal fur away from the moving surfaces.

3.Don’t keep it in a garage, shed or summer house…. But if you must then DO fit a treadmill heater to help protect your machine from cold and damp.  https://northwickassociates.co.uk/main/treadmill-heater-must-cold-damp-environments-also-works-cross-trainers/


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Remember that regular maintenance and having your machine serviced every year will give your purchase the best chance of giving you years of service without the expensive repair bills!