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Ideal for Garages, Sheds and Conservatories!
tread heater
Our low-cost heater is also available for treadmills, cross trainers, bikes and rowers


Protect your machine from only £69+VAT

Cold and damp weather can lead to irreparable damage to your treadmill, cross trainer, exercise bike or rower. In our experience, this problem is most common where machines are kept in a garage, shed, or conservatory – in fact, any detached room which is not regularly heated can spell trouble. For example, in cold conditions, LCD displays can become slow to react and can appear to be malfunctioning. You may experience random problems with the user controls and some features exhibit intermittent operation. Often, the machine will not work at all.

These problems are caused when the ambient air temperature falls below the minimum operating temperature of your machine’s electronic system which is usually around 5 degrees centigrade. As the temperature continues to fall, the reliability and performance of the electronics becomes impaired and can cease altogether. When weather conditions change and the air temperature rises again, condensation then forms inside the machine which can lead to rusting of metal surfaces and short circuit paths caused by moisture on the circuit boards. These failures can be catastrophic and permanent depending wherever the moisture forms!  

To combat these problems, we have developed “Treadmill Heater” which is a low wattage heater that protects your machine against all of these problems. Treadmill Heater costs around the same to run as a conventional light bulb. Treadmill Heater comes with a mains plug, twin mounting stands and a portable floor-mounting plinth so that you can position it for maximum benefit. It sits on the floor next to your machine and becomes fully effective after 48 hours. It produces low-level heat which gently warms through your machine to protect it against the effects of cold, frost and damp.

To use Treadmill Heater, you simply plug it into a standard household 13A mains socket and during the Autumn and unplug it again in the Spring! There are no thermostats to set and no timers to program – you just fit and forget!

Frequently asked questions:-

  • I can’t see the scale from the picture but where is it fitted?

It is a free standing device that is about 1m long and sits on a wooden plinth on the floor adjacent to the machine. We usually position it at the motor end adjacent to the power switch and power cord socket.

  • Is it designed to keep the motor warm? Is it fitted under the motor cover?

It radiates 120W of continuous heat (a gentle warmth) to keep the drive motor and electronics at an acceptable ambient temperature and it is fitted externally to your machine. There are no tools required or covers too be removed in order to fit it. The heater will not heat your room but it does provide sufficient heat to be absorbed by the motor and the framework so as to prevent condensation and damp from affecting the electrics and electronics.

  • How does it keep the console warm given that your product description also talks about that being a potential source of failure?

When positioned at the motor end, the heat will also drift upwards and gently warm the console which is usually immediately above. We recommend 24 hours for the heater to become fully effective and it should be left switched on all the time through the winter months. It is not important whether you choose to leave the treadmill itself switched on or off. The heater’s job is to prevent moisture forming on the electrical connections and circuit boards because when it does you can get unwanted short circuit paths which can lead to failure.