Loyalty Scheme

We’d like to do more than just say thanks…. 

So how does “Thanks and here’s a £100 discount” sound?


It goes without saying that we appreciate your custom and we sincerely hope that you’ll choose to use our services again in the future. 

And to show you that we mean it, we’d like to give you a loyalty discount on your next new fitness or mobility product purchase. To put it simply, when you are next in the market for a new fitness or mobility machine,  just let us know and not only will we help you choose a suitable product from our range of carefully selected products and suppliers, we’ll also discount the list price by up to £100*! 

Use your loyalty discount at any time

Our loyalty scheme is an exclusive reward for existing customers. Here are a couple of scenarios to help demonstrate how you could choose to use your loyalty discount:-

Scenario 1: Let’s say you’re a new customer and we’ve completed  a recent diagnosis visit. Sometimes, the decision to fix your machine is not easy  as it can depend on a range of factors including the repair price, the nature of the problem, how much residual life is left in your machine and how much you paid for your machine when it was new. In this case, having the option of your loyalty discount to replace the old machine with a brand new one can make that decision process a whole lot easier!

Scenario 2: Suppose you used our services some time ago (perhaps for a repair or service) and things have been fine for a while, but now your machine has gone wrong again and you’re wondering whether to get us out to fix it once more. As an existing customer, you could use your loyalty discount and get straight down to the nitty gritty of choosing a new machine thus bypassing the need for any further expenditure on your existing machine, 

We are not driven by commission or sales targets and we don’t have expensive retail showrooms and sales staff. This means that we are free to find you the right machine, at the right price.

Build a package to suit you and let us take care of: 

  • Delivery
  • Installation 
  • Removal of packaging
  • Removal of your old machine
  • Service Plan
  • User training for safe operation
  • Training in how to do essential maintenance

If you wish, you can choose a different type of machine to the one you have or you can choose a mobility product instead of a fitness products (or vice versa)! Our after sales support is second to none and we can provide either adhoc servicing and maintenance or you can choose to take up a service cover plan to cover you for as long as you need it without any tie-in.

* Loyalty discount is only available to existing customers and is offered at our discretion up to £100 including VAT. The actual discount that we are able to offer, may vary depending on the selected product and whether that product is  already the subject of an existing sale or promotion at the time of your enquiry. Proof of purchase may be required.


Contact us now to use your loyalty discount. Call 01386 555630 or email [email protected]