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Terms and Conditions

Important terms and conditions of business (including essential safety information)


All communications (telephone calls, email, text messages, website contact forms etc) are logged, stored and/or recorded. These communications may be monitored by our staff for training purposes or to help resolve disputes.

Personal data that you provide is not distributed outside of Northwick. We will never ask you to send us your credit card details or bank details via an email.

We will use the information you provide to contact you in order to make arrangements to visit. We will then store your details on file and may contact you from time to time thereafter to keep in touch unless you specifically tell us otherwise.

By booking an engineer or instructing us to complete repairs (via this website, email or verbally) you are entering into a contract with Northwick Associates Limited.

Prices shown on this website apply to mainland England and Wales. Other territories may be subject to additional travel charges.

Prices exclude VAT. If you live in the UK, VAT will be added to your invoice at the prevailing rate (currently 20%).

Prices shown are per machine and based on a standard rate diagnosis callout (not a priority callout).

Repairs are always charged extra and our Engineer will confirm the charge for the repair once the cause of the fault has been established. You will be not under any obligation to proceed with a repair.

Payment in full including VAT will be due with order unless you have a pre-agreed credit account. Extras can be paid for on the day of the visit. You can pay by card. Our Engineers DO NOT CARRY CASH and are unable to give change. Please do not offer to pay by cash.

“Self Diagnosed” repairs are not refundable. We recommend you book a diagnosis visit before commencing repairs.

You can cancel the booking at any time up to 1 working day prior to the visit date. If you find that you do have to cancel, all we ask is that you give us as much notice as possible and in return we will endeavour to either re-arrange the appointment or we will refund your payment. If you have asked us to order parts for you prior to cancelling then you then you may still be liable for the cost of these parts. Cancellations made less than 1 working day before the visit date may be subject to a non-refundable callout charge unless we are able to re-allocate your appointment slot.

Tolls, Parking Charges and Congestion Fees will be added to your invoice at cost where applicable.

A responsible adult of 18 years old or more must be onsite when we visit. The adult will be responsible for settling our invoice.

Northwick accept no responsibility for loss or damage to life, property or equipment (directly or indirectly) resulting from our activity.

Our Engineers are required to wear safety shoes at all times for health and safety reasons. You should take adequate precautions to protect delicate floor coverings or make arrangements to move equipment into an area where the wearing of safety shoes is permitted before our arrival onsite.

Our Engineers will use a variety of hand tools, test equipment and oil based lubricants as required during our activity. You are responsible for protecting or removing valuable or delicate items from the working area (including access routes) such as pictures, ornaments, light-coloured carpets or floor tiles that may be prone to marking or damage.

You are required to keep yourself and others a safe distance away from our activity since there may be sharp edges, exposed moving parts and mains voltage present. This especially applies to children and/or pets in residential environments.

You must not touch or interfere with any equipment that we are working on unless we specifically tell you it is safe to do so. You must not remove any “out of order” signage or reconnect any equipment that we have disconnected.

If your machine needs to be lifted or moved then we will need to assess the risks involved including weight, dimensions, quantity, distance, terrain, steps, weather, and access route (eg. door widths, heights and corridors). You must tell us about these details beforehand so that we can assign appropriate lifting aids and make provisions to minimise any potential risks. If we find that the risks are too high on the day then we will refuse to lift or move the machine.

If you choose to undertake any lifting or moving yourself then this is done entirely at your risk. We recommend that you wear safety shoes and familiarise yourself with manual handling techniques.

You are required to provide a safe working environment for our Engineer. The equipment should be clear and easily accessible and the working area including access/egress should be free from obstructions, well lit and adequately maintained so that we can conduct our work in a safe manner. Electrical sockets should be fully operational and free from damage. Our Engineer will not work in an environment that is deemed unsafe and you will be charged for the visit.

Some faults can result in the power tripping off in your property. You are required to be familiar with the procedure for safely resetting the power in the event of it tripping off. You should also arrange to disconnect or safely shutdown any devices (such as computers or alarm systems) that may be adversely affected by a sudden and unexpected loss of power.

If you have an intermittent fault or a fault which only occurs in very specific circumstances (such as at maximum speed after 20 minutes of continuous use) then we recommend that you have the machine prepared with the fault showing for when we arrive. You will be charged for the visit whether or not we are able to witness the fault.

In some cases, the nature of our work can cause under lying faults to emerge that may not have been apparent before our visit. Therefore, we cannot guarantee to be able to leave your machine in the same condition as before nor do we accept any liability for correcting such faults.

You should not use any machine or equipment that we have deemed to be faulty or unsafe.

In the event that a repair cannot be completed on the day of the visit, we will formally quote you for a repair via email. This can typically take 7-10 days to arrange. Any verbal estimate of price for a repair is for budgeting purposes only and does not constitute an offer. If you accept our formal email offer and we subsequently order parts for you then you will be liable for the price of these parts plus any costs that we have incurred in the event that you decide to cancel the order before it is fulfilled.

If we are unable to fulfill the order due to excessive lead times, faulty or incorrect parts supplied, or errors in our original diagnosis, then you will not be obliged to pay for the work ordered, however, you will not be entitled to a refund for any previous work that has already been completed and paid.

Title of any new parts remains with Northwick until you pay in full.

We will ask you to sign-off the repair. We recommend that you arrange to thoroughly test the equipment prior to our Engineer leaving site so as to satisfy yourself that the work has been completed to your full satisfaction as return visits may be chargeable.

New parts that we supply and fit are covered by a 6 month warranty. This means that if the same fault occurs for the same reasons then we will arrange to repeat the repair without charge to you or refund the cost of the repair at our discretion. The warranty does not cover user adjustments, faults where no new parts have been fitted, unrelated faults, faulty parts that we have not supplied or work which has not been completed fully in accordance with our recommendations.

The warranty is valid only in mainland England and Wales.

The warranty period is valid from the date of the first repair. Any subsequent repairs completed under warranty do not affect the remaining warranty period.