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Spin Bike Repairs

Spin Bike & Indoor Cycles Servicing – Suitable for all makes and models

sb70010 Point Service

  • Full frame inspection and clean
  • Bearings lubricated
  • Belt/Chain tension adjusted
  • Brake mechanism checked and adjusted
  • Height & rake adjusters cleaned and serviced
  • Inspect foot straps and pedals
  • Toe clips tightened and lubricated
  • Seat tightened
  • Leveling feet adjusted
  • Transport wheels lubricated


From £299+VAT for 10 bikes
for additional bikes add £15+VAT per bike

“The Engineer was fantastic and it was a pleasure doing business with him and the Company”
Testimonial courtesy of Stuart L from Cannock, Staffs, Nov 2010

Multiple Bike Servicing:
10 bikes from £299+VAT

The 3 golden rules for the correct and safe operation of spin bikes & indoor cycles:-

1. Correct set-up
2. Correct usage
3. Regular maintenance

Our 10 point service will ensure you comply with these rules and could save you hundreds of pounds.

The most common faults tend to be caused by incorrect setting, incorrect use and poor maintenance. A poorly maintained spin bike will often feel uncomfortable to use and could result in your customers taking their business elsewhere. In extreme cases, you could risk exposing your customers to injury especially if they are unbale to correctly set up the bike and if the brake mechanism is under performing.

From £299 plus VAT, you can avoid these problems. Our Engineer will visit your premises and service your machine as follows:-

Full frame inspection : Visually inspect and clean the main frame, handlebards, seat stem and flywheel.

Bearings lubricated: Apply high pressure lube the the flywheel bearings, crank bearings pedal bearings, adjusters and slides

Belt/Chain tension adjusted: Check for belt slip or chain loose and retighten if required. Check for excessive vibration in drive which indicates wear.

Brake check: Test brake mechanism performance and adjust if required

Height adjusters serviced: Clean and lube all height adjusters and slides

Inspect foot straps: inspect foot straps for fraying and wear and for damage/pulling out at rivets

Toe clips tightened: Check toe clips are secure and as necessary

Seat tightened: Check seat pad, frame and retighten if necessary

Levelling feet adjusted: checck integrity of feet and adjust to eliminate bike wobble

Transport wheels lubricated: Check transport wheels are free to move and lubricate with high pressure lube

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get for my money?

You get the 10 x 10 point check as above plus an inspection certificate. Additional bikes can be added fro £15+VAT per bike

How long do you spend on each bike?

Our Engineer will spend about 10-15 minutes working on each bike.

What if new parts are needed?

No problem! We take care of all the details for you, including fixed price quoting and ordering of parts and arranging a convenient time to return and fit them.

What if the repair cost is over my budget?

You are not under any obligation to go ahead with repairs.

What is your hourly charge?

There are no hidden charges and no hourly rates to worry about. What we quote you is what you pay.

What if there are problems that can’t be fixed?

All faults can be fixed but in some cases, it is simply not cost effective to repair a bike. If we feel that you could be throwing good money after bad by having a repair, then we will tell you and explain why.

If you decide that your bike(s) is beyond economic repair, our Engineer will be able to help you find a suitable replacement to suit your usage and budget.

Will it be cheaper if I tell you what the problems are first?

If you are sure that you know the cause of the problem and just need us to supply and fit parts, then call us on 01386 555630 for a quote, giving as much information as possible.

Please be aware that charges for “self diagnosed” problems are payable upfront and that Northwick do not accept liability for problems resulting from your diagnosis. If you are not sure, then it is best to arrange a service first!

Individual Bike Servicing

from £120+VAT per bike

Individual spin bike servicing is available from £120+VAT per bike. This option is ideal if you require a thorough service for your bike. A full service takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour and attends to more than 20 critical aspects. More details here

Bike Repairs


We are able to repair all makes and models of Spin Bikes & Indoor cycles and can arrange for a diagnosis and repair for individual problems. A repair will involve one of our expert Engineers visiting your premisis. He will diagnose the root cause of your problem.

We think the process works best as follows:-

Step 1 – Book an Engineer

Arrange a Diagnosis by using our “Book an Engineer” online form . A diagnosis is £75 plus VAT. If you are not sure whether you need an Engineer to visit then use our free-of-charge Ask an Expert facility first!

Step 2 – We Visit

We will contact you to arrange for an Engineer to visit to complete the diagnosis at the earliest convenient date. We organise our visits into geographical areas and a visit will typically be scheduled within 7-10 days subject to your availability. For customers who require an urgent visit, there is an upgrade option available to get you to the front of the queue! When booking a call out simply ask for a priority callout (this adds £50+VAT).

Step 3 – We Repair

The repair itself will be charged extra to the diagnosis. If it is possible to repair your machine during the diagnosis visit, we will do so and these type of repairs will typically add £50+VAT. If new parts need to be ordered then we will ask you to pay for the diagnosis and then we will quote you a fixed price for the repair. It may take us a few days to get a fixed price confirmed especially if we need to place enquiries with our suppliers. However, we can normally give you an estimate on the day.

All Makes and Models

As we are independent Engineers, we are able to support all makes and models of Spin Bikes & Ind0or cycles. We will aim to use original manufacturer’s parts (where available) or equivalent 3rd party after-market parts if not. We also opetrate our own workshop so it is possible for us to remanufacture certain items if they are no longer available.

Old for New Trade in

In cases where the repair cost exceeds the value of the bike then we will provide options for you to trade in the old bike(s) for new.

Why use Northwick?

We believe our approach is unique because we establish why problems occur in the first place so as to help you predict failures before they occur. Thus, Northwick can offer you expert opinion as to how best to prioritise and schedule equipment repairs and help you to differentiate between repair versus replacement.

You gain a detailed picture of your equipment condition which can help you to retain members, manage your cash flow and plan ahead for equipment upgrades.