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There are many aspects to consider when setting up a new private gym; after all you can have things exactly the way you want them to suit your preferred style of training. For example, traditional floor coverings such as tufted carpets can collect dust which can affect your treadmill running belt and clog up it’s internal cooling fan, and corded carpets can be easily marked by the equipment and discoloured due to perspiration.  In both cases, these type of floor covering are not hygienic and can’t be easily cleaned. On the other hand, vinyl floors are very cleanable but they can be easily torn and ripped and don’t tend to withstand the impact of dumb bells and accessories being dropped. Wooden floors are popular and they can look fantastic but they are prone to vibration damage from equipment and will often scuff and scratch very easily.

Also, you may require different types of flooring for different areas of your gym. For your cardio machine area, you may want something that is tough, easily cleaned and provides sound deadening, whereas for a stretching or yoga area, you may prefer a floor covering that is smooth, warmer to touch and slightly cushioned.

The good news is that here at Northwick, we can assist you with these decisions and offer you expert advice on which products will be most suitable. We can offer you free of charge help on laying out your gym to get the best results, how to match floor coverings to suit the different aspects of use in your gym and supply and install it all for you! [email protected] or call 01386 555630 for more information.


The photos show 20mm Granuflex floor tiles, in 1m x 1m squares, supplied and fitted by Northwick for a 50 square metre private gym. Granuflex was selected for this gym because it is cleanable, tough, provides good sound deadening and can easily withstand dumb bells and accessories being dropped. The flooring serves as a universal multi-purpose floor suitable for the client’s cardio machines, free wights, and strength equipment. For stretching, the client uses floor mats (not shown) that can be rolled up and stored so as to maximise the flexibility of the available space in the gym.