Service Contracts

For 100% breakdown peace of mind!

Start looking after your equipment today with our exclusive Service Contracts.

If you are already a customer, then you can apply to start a contract which includes:-

  • An annual service
  • All call out charges 
  • All labour charges

It’s easy to sign-up and costs only £15+VAT per month per machine, payable by direct debt or standing order.

Our approach is designed around you and there are:-

  • NO long-term contractual ties 
  • NO hidden clauses 
  • NO strings attached.

Our plan simply provides service cover for as long as you need it.

“Doesn’t my manufacturer’s warranty cover me?”

In a word, “No”! The manufacturer will not service and maintain your machine for you. Manufacturer’s warranties are usually time-limited, non-transferable and only cover your machine for manufacturing defects due to poor workmanship. It is up to you to maintain your machine and have it serviced, lubricated and checked over (as you would a car!). Our experience is that most machine problems have nothing to do with manufacturing defects and everything to do with how you use and look after your machine. Indeed some parts such as platforms and belts are considered as “wearing” items and are not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

 In fact, over 90% of machine failures we see are due to reasons which are not covered by warranty!

Analysis of our customers’ breakdown causes reveals that 92% of all problems reported to us are not covered by manufacturers’ warranty. Here are just a few of the re-occurring problems that we see:- 

  • Running belt perished or worn out. Not covered by warranty. Typical repair cost £399+VAT
  • Drive belt slipping due to lack of maintenance. Not covered by warranty. Typical repair cost £199+VAT
  • Failures due to insufficient belt lube. Not covered by warranty. Typical repair cost upwards of £500+VAT
  • Rodent damage to circuit boards. Not covered by warranty. Typical repair cost £450+VAT
  • Kids toys/Coins/articles stuck inside. Not covered by warranty. Typical repair cost £360+VAT
  • Electrical problems due to cold and damp. Not covered by warranty. Typical repair cost £380+VAT

Our Service Contract in a nutshell

Our service contract provides you with an annual service and all the adjustments you need to keep your machine running in optimum conditions so that it delivers long and trouble-free service. It will help you to spot and deal with any potential problems before they cause an expensive failure.

For just £15+VAT per month per machine our service contract provides the following benefits: 

⦁ 1 x annual service visit
⦁ Unlimited Remote Engineer sessions
⦁ Includes call out and labour charges for onsite visits  (England, Wales and Southern Scotland only)

For speed and efficiency, we will always consider the possibility of fixing problems remotely before arranging a onsite visit.

What’s not included?

We do not cover you for the supply of any parts although many machines have extended parts warranties provided you have proof of purchase so it is always worth checking. We do not cover you for fitting of parts that have been supplied by others, except where the parts have been supplied free-of-charge by the original manufacturer as part of a parts warranty agreement. You might also be charged for an initial call out / service visit or repair to your gym equipment prior to being accepted onto a service contract. 

Are you a commercial gym operator?

For commercial users with multiple machines, we offer a tailored annual service contract to suit your needs.  These contracts usually have a minimum contract period such as 1 year.

⦁ Flexible contract periods
⦁ Include or exclude equipment as required from your asset list
⦁ Include or exclude parts as required from the agreement
⦁ Include equipment from multiple manufacturers 

Please contact us for a bespoke quote.


Northwick Labour only Service Issue 7  or apply via email to [email protected] or call us on 01386 555630