Remote Engineer £25+VAT

Connect with one of our experts for self-diagnosis and repairs

“Had an on-line diagnostic session with Dave Roberts today.  He was delightful and very helpful. He found the fault which I have managed to repair easily myself and the treadmill is working well again. Saved me a lot of money and aggravation for which I am very pleased. Thank you.” MG July 2020

What is Remote Engineer?

Remote Engineer re-invents our approach to diagnostic fault finding and repairs by making use of video link technology via the internet.  We take you through our diagnosis process and explain how to complete a series of simple checks and tests that we would traditionally come to your site to do.

Our method…

  • Saves money by avoiding the cost of a call out
  • Avoids a van journey which is better for our environment
  • Helps stop the spread of communicable diseases by reducing person to person contact
  • Uses your time efficiently since you can choose a convenient time slot for the session

“Good Morning Jon, For me the organisation, speed, response and outcome were better than expected. The appointment was punctual, informative and conducted in a way that I felt confident the issue was being dealt with properly at all times. I was happy that the issue was diagnosed and solutions discussed with all my questions being answered. The following up e-mail detailing both of these was prompt and also the guidelines should I wish to proceed with a replacement. I have no hesitation in using a remote engineer again” TMC June 2020

Irrespective of your geographical location and time zone, Remote Engineer allows you to directly connect with one of our technical experts who will safely guide you through the steps for completing a remote diagnosis or repair. Our expert is a real live person and not a computer algorithm which means we can…

  • answer your questions in a “live” and secure, one-to-one video link appointment
  • provide an alternative “offline” session via email if a live video link is not suitable for you
  • listen carefully while you explain and show us the problem you are having in your own way
  • ensure you work safely and within your own capability
  • share photos and movies to aid understanding

Under our guidance, you act as our eyes and ears and perform the necessary checks and tests on your machine and relay the details back to us. Our Engineer will assess the details while you are online (or via email if you prefer) and advise on the best course of action. This is all done in a safe way according to your capabilities. We won’t ask you to take any risks or perform any tests where your safety could be put in danger. You don’t need any tools, except a smart phone/ tablet/ computer, but if you do have tools and wish to use them to delve deeper then just let us know! Our approach saves time and money by virtue of there being no site visit to schedule, no traffic jams to deal with, no vans to gas and ZERO carbon emissions which is good news for your pocket and for our planet!

Remote Engineer is suitable for any fitness or mobility product including retail (domestic) and commercial grade equipment. In fact, any make, any model, any age, any condition!

“Hi Jon,  Excellent! I appreciated the process of explaining my experience and your viewing of the equipment, section by section, to make sure that there was no other issue for us to consider. I felt reassured, had time to ask the “simple” questions and am happy to take the recommended action. I’d also be happy to call you out if my next step does not succeed. Really appreciated it!”  AS, June 2020

How does it work?

Simply complete our Book an Engineer form and choose the “Remote Engineer session” option from the drop down menu and submit. Then one of our team will be in touch with you to set things up. You will be assigned one of our trained technicians who will contact you directly.  Our expert will stay with you and guide you throughout the process and will be at your side (in a virtual sense) to lead you through what to do and answer all your questions so as to successfully diagnose the problem with your machine.  We will explain exactly what you need to do so that you can work safely and at your own pace without the need to rush. You do not need any technical expertise and if you have tools, we will help you use them if you are not sure! And, if you do find yourself outside of your comfort zone, you’re free to seek assistance from a relative, neighbour or handyman and we will be happy to liaise with them on your behalf, or you can upgrade to an onsite visit and get one of our experts to do it for you.

What does it cost?

Remote Engineer is priced at GBP 25+VAT per 1/2 hour session (most sessions are completed within 1/2 hour).


Is there a time limit?

For live sessions, we allocate 1/2 hour which is usually plenty of time without rushing or stressing. If you need to stop then we can suspend the session at any time and resume it later without penalty. For “offline” sessions, we don’t tend to set a time limit.


Will I need any tools?

No but it can be helpful if you have access to some basic tools. These tools can usually be found in a domestic toolbox or borrowed from a friend or relative. A medium sized phillips screwdriver, allen key set, multimeter and a socket set are the most useful tools.



book a remote ENGINEER

Book yourself in for a Remote Diagnosis session using our 24/7 online “Book an Engineer” form and tick the option for a “Remote Engineer session”. Tell us as much information you can about the problem and feel free to upload photos and movies to assist. A Remote Engineer session is charged per 1/2 hour.

we guide YOU

We will contact you to confirm the Remote Engineer session and to provide you with the details of your Engineer and to take payment. Our Engineer will then contact you at the agreed time and liaise with you via video link using commercially available apps such as messenger, skype, or what’s app. Your Engineer will provide expert guidance for you to follow without any pressure. 



You conduct the checks and tests under our guidance at your pace. You can ask our Engineer for additional details or instructions if you are not clear on what to do. You relay or show your findings to our engineer and we will interpret the results and advise on what is required next


Some of our frequently asked Questions

When does the Remote Engineer Session start?

Our Engineer will  usually be in touch within 1 working day of your booking being confirmed and payment clearing.  We will contact you to take payment and to set up the start of your session.  Live sessions can be scheduled at a time to suit you including evenings and weekends.

How much correspondence do I get for the money?

We allocate 1/2 an hour for live sessions although we don’t clock-watch so there’s no need to worry if the time goes over slightly, we will let you know if more time is needed! Offline sessions do not generally have a time limit although we recommend the sessions are concluded within 1 week.

How do we communicate?

For live sessions, we will contact you at the agreed time using a video conferencing app. For offline sessions we will initiate the correspondence via email or messaging service. 

What tools will I need?

It is not a requirement for you to have tools but if you do have a toolkit it may be helpful. Common tools that we often use include a No. 2 phillips screw driver,  a set of allen keys and a socket and ratchet set. 

What preparation do I need to do?

Nothing, It is better and safer if you leave things exactly as they are and let us guide you through what to so. Don’t worry about tidying up, removing covers or vacuum up dust as you may disturb or remove important signs that can be useful in determining the cause of the problem. 

What if new parts are needed?

You can either source them locally yourself or we can help you find them.

When do I pay?

Payment in full will be due when we contact you to confirm your booking. 

Can I cancel the session?

Yes you can cancel at any time, although we are unable to refund any payments once the session has started.

What if the problem can’t be fixed?

All faults can be fixed but in some cases, it is simply not cost effective to repair a machine. If we feel that your machine is beyond economic repair, then we will tell you and explain why. 

Will it be safe for me to follow your instructions?

Our team of expert Engineers are familiar with the usual risks and hazards of this kind of work and we will not ask you to do anything that is unsafe. However, you are responsible for your own safety and  the safety of others around you and you should not do anything that you feel is unsafe or beyond your own abilities. 

What if I can’t do what you tell me to do?

If you can’t do something we suggest, just tell us and we will work with you to find another way. 


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