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If you have a need for speed or if your mobility scooter simply has too many horses under the hood for you to safely handle, then [email protected] and we will re-program it to suit your individual requirements!

Everyday we receive calls from clients who have, for example, damaged their scooter due to an altercation with a checkout kiosk in the local shop, or they have ripped the main wiring harness as a result of a close encounter with the shaft of a gardening tool whilst maneuvering in the shed. Such incidents can be embarrassing and costly to resolve and are often due to the scooter accelerating too quickly or the maximum speed setting being too fast. However, it is possible to tame your scooter and make it more controllable to better suit your driving ability or your environment.

Similarly, we understand that some owners may wish to increase the maximum speed or decrease the acceleration time so that the scooter is better suited to how it is being used, or turn on or off features such as the reversing sounder which can be an annoyance in some situations.

If you wish to have your scooter re-programmed then please tell us what you’d like and we will check that the request is within the design capability of your scooter. If it is then we can arrange the visit and make the adjustment for you.

Please note that modifying scooters away from the manufacturer’s original specification may invalidate the warranty.


Call us on 01386 555630 to discuss your requirements or send an email to [email protected]


Image from hackaday.com