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Pilates Equipment Repairs

Service and maintenance for all makes and models, Pilate Machine Repairs.pilates machine repairs

Our experts are familiar with many different types and combinations of Pilates machines including reformers, reformers with towers, cadillacs, wall units, and chairs and we regularly repair, service and maintain such items for a variety of clients.

Often, we are called upon to repair obvious defects such as upholstery, springs, ropes, clips, and fixings but increasingly, our customers are demanding regular servicing and scheduled inspections to ensure their equipment feels right, is correctly set-up, and is safe to use.

For example, a lack of maintenance can give rise to imbalanced movements and a lack of fluidity which upsets the harmony of the exercises. Worse still, worn bearings and damaged slides can bring about other problems such as stretching to springs and equipment failure. Whereas broken clips and worn out ropes can fail under tension and potentially cause serious injury to the user.

Our goal is simple – to keep your machine in first-class order and your clients 100% safe! By repairing not only the visual defects but also by ensuring that the “as new” feel of your machine is maintained, your clients can enjoy an experience which is wholly in keeping with the principles of Pilates.

Prices are from £79+VAT for a diagnostic visit