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Mobility Scooter Repairs

Book an Engineer for onsite mobility scooter repairs from £79*

48 hour onsite response typically (subject to location)

Free-of-charge loan machine available if we can’t fix yours on the day! (subject to availability)

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“Thank you for today. The engineer did a great job and has been so professional, I would highly recommend him, a great reflection on your company. Thank you. ” JWB September 2016

Our Engineers perform mobility scooter repairs, servicing and maintenance throughout England and Wales. Irrespective of your location, for a flat rate of £79, one of our expert engineers, in a fully equipped van and with a professional toolkit, will visit your home or business and diagnose the problem(s) with your mobility scooter.

We are able to complete repairs to all aspects including electrics, switches, lighting, wiring, electronics, batteries, mechanics, chargers, adjusting mechanisms, upholstery, trim, hardware, wheels, covers, frames and chassis – either onsite or at our workshop depending on the complexity of the job.

We also undertake repairs to wheel chairs (powered and non-powered), which includes fitting attachments, moving controls and performing modifications to suit individual requirements. Fill in a quick form to book an engineer today.

Any make, Any model, Any condition

Most problems relate to wear and tear such as charging / battery problems, deflated tyres and loose electrical connections. Some problems can be avoided with regular servicing and if you wish to have your scooter serviced annually so that problems due to wear and tear can be detected early and resolved before your scooter breaks down, please contact our office on 01386 555630 to schedule a visit in the diary.

However, some problems are just bad luck and they invariably occur at just the wrong moment and cause you much inconvenience.

Our mission is to get you up and away as quickly as possible by solving the the problem with minimum fuss.

We are professional service engineers (not a sales outfit with a workshop around the back) and we will find the root cause of the problem which is not necessarily the part that has failed. For example, an electronic circuit board failure is usually caused by another problem elsewhere in the system such as a short circuit or an overload in the drive motor. We use specialist equipment to test both the electronics and the drive train to ensure that we solve the root cause – not just the symptom.

Similarly, we always check your scooter’s batteries “on-load” to determine whether the batteries are capable of storing adequate charge and whether the charging circuitry is delivering sufficient current and voltage to correctly charge the batteries rather than simply changing them for new.

For deflated tyres, of course, we can provide a straightforward onsite puncture repair service to get you up and away but, since our main concern is problem avoidance, we can also install anti-puncture strips to help prevent the problem re-occurring, or upgrade your tyres and wheels to puncture-proof alternatives should you wish.


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“I would like to thank your team for such a swift and professional response to the breakdown of our machine. From start to finish it has been great, the initial booking telephone call from Roxanne to our engineer Mark. I will be calling to book a service visit with you in the near future. Please pass this on to the relevant teams. Many thanks”, FR, June 2018

Free-of-charge Loan Machine

If you would like us to bring a machine for you to loan in the event that we cannot fix your machine on the day then just ask and we will do our best to oblige! Machines are loaned free-of-charge and subject to availability whilst we repair your machine in our workshop. The loan machine may not be the same specification as your model but we will do our best to accommodate any specific requests. Once the repair is complete we will return your machine and collect our loan machine – there is no additional charge for either the loan machine or its transportation!

Loan machines are not carried routinely on our vans so please make sure you ask if you would like us to bring one with us.

You are not under any obligation to proceed with a repair, however, if you choose to loan a machine and then decide not to proceed with the repair to your own machine, there will be a re-delivery charge of £79 to cover the cost of returning your machine to you. To put your mind at ease, we will cover the loan machine for any accidental damage to the scooter itself but 3rd party insurance is not included.


Our Pricing Explained

All repairs are charged extra to the £79 diagnosis fee and are quoted using fixed prices. In other words, we will tell you the total price before work commences and what we quote is what you pay with no hidden charges such as call out premiums, hourly rates or mileage to worry about!

Your minimum liability is the diagnosis charge of £79 and beyond that, it’s entirely in your hands so that you can make the best decision on how to proceed; you would not be under any obligation to proceed with a repair and you would not pay for another diagnosis if a return visit is needed!

At the time of repair, we will offer you the option to have your scooter fully serviced for only £50 extra (the usual price for a full service is £149 if booked separately), thereby allowing you the opportunity to maximise the benefit of the visit whilst our engineer is onsite.

Alternatively, you can book a separate full service for your mobility scooter. We have the most comprehensive service schedule in the business with a 40 point check list designed to keep your scooter in tip-top condition which will help avoid problems or breakdowns while you are out and about. Use our online booking for m or call our team on 01386 555630 to schedule your appointment.

View our 40 point service schedule: Mobility Scooter Service Check List


“Cheryl Hi, 

Dave has been in. He is a brilliant engineer – he explained everything and I am really pleased he tested the new motor fully! Do you have a twitter account where I can do a review?” 

Narinder, January 2018


Should you feel that the repair is uneconomic compared to the residual value of the scooter, we do offer an exclusive trade-in option which may be of interest. Further details are available on request via our office or you can discuss it with our engineer when he visits.

* All of our prices are quoted excluding VAT. If you are VAT exempt, this is the price you would pay. If you are not VAT exempt, you will need to add VAT to the prices shown. To calculate the price including VAT, simply take the price quoted and multiply by 1.2 to get the total price including VAT that you need to pay.  You can find further information about VAT exemptions here https://www.gov.uk/

Booking a Visit

As our Engineers are working around the country completing mobility scooter repairs, we are able to provide a prompt visit with a convenient, pre-arranged, 2 hour time slot so that you don’t need to hang around all day waiting for us to arrive. You will know in advance the name and phone number of the Engineer who is assigned to your job and please feel free to ask for their ID if you are worried about security.

If you wish to book yourself in for a visit, please use our booking form or call our friendly team on 01386 555630 (Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm).

Mobility Scooter Repair


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