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Approved Mobility Repairs

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UK Mobility Scooter Repairs and Maintenance

Everyday, our qualified team of approved Engineers perform mobility scooter repairs, servicing and maintenance across the UK. Irrespective of your location or the nature of the problem, we will be able to assist you with a choice of expert services to suit your circumstances and budget:-


We are able to complete repairs to all aspects including electrics, switches, lighting, wiring, electronics, batteries, mechanics, chargers, adjusting mechanisms, upholstery, trim, hardware, wheels, covers, frames and chassis – either remotely, onsite or at our workshop depending on the complexity of the job.

Northwick are approved by Tzora Acive Systems and Pride Mobility Products Corp. 

 * All of our prices are quoted excluding VAT. If you are VAT exempt, this is the price you would pay. If you are not VAT exempt, you will need to add VAT to the prices shown. To calculate the price including VAT, simply take the price quoted and multiply by 1.2 to get the total price including VAT that you need to pay. You can find further information about VAT exemptions here https://www.gov.uk/

Approved Service Agent

We are approved by Tzora and Pride who are among the biggest names in the industry. Being approved means that we have access to their full range of spare parts, technical diagrams, international support networks and the very best operating procedures. This means that we will find the root cause of the problem which is not necessarily the part that has failed. For example, an electronic circuit board failure is usually caused by another problem elsewhere in the system such as a short circuit or an overload in the drive motor. We use specialist equipment to test both the electronics and the drive train to ensure that we solve the root cause – not just the symptom.

Many mobility scooter failures relate to faulty chargers, batteries, deflated tyres and poor electrical connections. Some problems can be avoided with regular servicing and if you wish to have your mobility scooter serviced annually so that problems can be detected and resolved before your scooter breaks down, we will be happy to oblige.

We have the most comprehensive service schedule in the business with a 40 point check list designed to keep your scooter in tip-top condition which will help avoid problems or breakdowns while you are out and about. A full service covers tyres, wheels, lights, chassis, battery, wiring, electronics,, motor, brakes, oil and lubrication to joints, axles and pivots. 

Please contact our office on 01386 555630 to schedule your next service or use our free, no obligation service reminder.

Ask an Expert

Our free of charge Ask an Expert facility allows you to liaise via email with our technical support team for general help and support.

For example, you may have a question about a particular problem and want to know about the possible causes. You may be unsure as to whether to book a site visit or whether to opt for a remote engineer session. You may have an intermittent problem and want to know whether its safe to use your product or not. Whatever the question, our technical support team will be pleased to help.

Use our online form to put your question to our team here. 


Workshop Drop and Go

We have a fully equipped workshop with parking immediately outside, level access and a wide roller shutter door. You are more than welcome to visit our workshop and drop off your mobility scooter or power chair for repair. We are conveniently located at Pershore, Worcestershire, WR10 2JN, which is within easy access of the M40 and M5 motorways. Our workshop is open Monday to Saturday from 9am until 4pm. If we are unable to attend to your machine while you wait, you are welcome to  borrow one of our loan machines. to keep you mobile until we can complete the repair.  You can reach our workshop staff on 01386 555630. 

We keep a variety of spare parts in stock and we have a regular deliveries direct from the manufacturers. Find out more about our workshop facilities here 

If you are unable to visit our workshop then you can opt for a Remote Engineer Session or arrange an Onsite Engineer visit.:-


Remote Engineer

Failures invariably occur at just the wrong moment and cause you much inconvenience and our mission is to get you up and away as quickly as possible by solving the problem with minimum fuss. 

For this reason, we are unique in the industry by offering a “remote engineer” session where you can begin a one-to-one correspondence with one of our experts.

You will be assigned one of our engineers who will remotely work with you and will stay with you to help you resolve the problem. Working under our guidance, you can complete the repair safely in your own time and according to your abilities, or you can get assistance from a relative, neighbour or local handyman. Alternatively, you can upgrade and book to have one of our Engineers visit to assist if you discover the job is outside of your comfort zone!

Many problems that we see are related to batteries and charging systems and Remote Engineer is ideal for these kind of issues and can often avoid the extra cost of a site visit. Our engineer will explain how to correctly charge your batteries and will walk you through how to test them using basic tools and equipment (in fact, most of the tools required for remote engineer can be found in a typical domestic toolbox!). You will then have the knowledge and expertise to perform the same tests in the future should the need ever arise. 

Start your remote engineer session here.


Onsite Engineer visits

We are professional service engineers (not a sales outfit with a workshop around the back) and if you choose an onsite repair then rest assured that we will find the root cause of the problem which is not necessarily the part that has failed. For example, an electronic circuit board failure is usually caused by another problem elsewhere in the system such as a short circuit or an overload in the drive motor. We use specialist equipment to test both the electronics and the drive train to ensure that we solve the root cause – not just the symptom.

An onsite Engineer visit to your premises is priced from £99 for the call out plus labour and parts as required. 

Book an Engineer for an onsite visit here

Loyalty Discount

Should you feel that the repair is uneconomic compared to the residual value of the scooter, we do offer a loyalty discount for existing customers which may be of interest.

Our Loyalty Scheme is exclusive to existing customers and provides a discount on new mobility products when you exchange your old product for a new one. Our Loyalty Scheme also works across our product groups and so you can exchange a mobility product for a fitness product or vice versa. 

Read more details about our Loyalty Scheme here

Booking a Visit

As our Engineers are working around the country completing mobility scooter repairs, we are able to provide a range of callout options including a convenient, pre-arranged, 2 hour time slot so that you don’t need to hang around all day waiting for us to arrive. You will know in advance the name and phone number of the Engineer who is assigned to your job and please feel free to ask for their ID if you are worried about security. If you wish to book yourself in for a visit, please use our booking form or call our friendly team on 01386 555630 (Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm).

Got a Question?

Not sure if you need a visit? Maybe there is something you can do to fix it yourself? Find out by using our free of charge Ask-an-Expert facility to get assistance and advice to help you decide how to proceed. or if you want to arrange a visit now, simply complete the Book An Engineer form.

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