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Machine Servicing

“Cheryl Hi, 

Dave has been in. He is a brilliant engineer – he explained everything and I am really pleased he tested the new motor fully! Do you have a twitter account where I can do a review?”

Narinder, January 2018


Book a service to help avoid breakdowns and for curing problems related to set-up and adjustments.

Our service is suitable for all fitness machine types and especially cardio machines such as treadmills, cross trainers, rowers and bikes.

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There are 3 golden rules for looking after any machine:-

  1. Make sure it is maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  2. Ensure that is it correctly set up
  3. Use it within it’s design parameters (eg. don’t use a domestic treadmill in a commercial gym because it will quickly wear out!)


A regular service will guarantee your machine is properly maintained and correctly set-up and our engineer will advise you on whether you have the right machine for your needs and help make sure you are using your machine within its safe working limits. This can save you hundreds of pounds on repair bills in the long term.

For example, on treadmills, a lack of proper lubrication of the running belt is a key cause of premature wear to the running belt itself, the running deck, roller bearings,  drive motor and electronic controller. However, the amount and frequency of lubrication that you should apply to the belt depends on the viscosity of the lubricant, the type of running belt fitted, the machine usage, and the environment in which the machine is used.

You can avoid all of these problems with a regular service; as a minimum, we recommend have your equipment fully serviced once a year.

A full service is £149+VAT includes a thorough inspection, clean and lubrication of all major components and a motor torque test. Safety systems and controls are inspected, tested, and re-calibrated where necessary. Belts are aligned, re-tensioned and correctly lubricated. External surfaces are treated with anti-bacterial disinfectant. If you’ve not had your machine serviced for a while or if you’d like the peace of mind that comes from knowing its been tested and set-up by an expert, then this is the best option to choose!

A service does not include repairs or parts (unless the repair can be completed by adjustment or lubrication). If you have a specific problem that needs to be fixed, then it may be better to book a diagnosis and repair first; you can always add a service on to a repair so please contact us on 01386 555630 for advice if you are not sure how to proceed.

Need a Service Contract?

After the service, if you like we can log the date when the next service is due and contact you at the appropriate time. Alternatively, we offer a service contract with a fixed monthly payment* that includes an annual service and all the labour you may require for any repairs or adjustments in the meantime. [email protected] for more details or discuss with your Engineer!

*The total payment you make in a year works out approximately the same as booking a one-off service. Parts (if required) are not included.

What we do on a service:

1. Check for correct operation before starting
2. Remove covers
3. Examine carefully for evidence of belt wear, bearing wear, loose pulleys, worn platforms, loose pedals, cracked guards, damaged wires, rodent droppings
4. Check frame for signs of cracks or corrosion
5. Vacuum / dust out the insides and wipe the covers
6. Re-tension and re-align belt(s) as required
7. Lubricate belts, bearings, axles, pivots, tensioners, inclines etc (using Lithium grease/Gibbs/Silicone Oil as appropriate)
8. Check electrical connections are secure and earth is good
9. Examine power lead for damage (PAT test if in doubt)
10. Check and re-tighten any loose frame joints/ pivots / cranks
11. Refit covers
12. Wipe external surfaces with anti-bacterial spray
13. Re-test machine for correct operation and major functions responding ok
14. Check motor current & recalibrate (treadmills only)
15. Stomp test (treadmills only)
16. Check safety system is functioning ok
17. Log machine model and serial number
18. Hand over to customer and ask them to test and sign off the job