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Full Service

Have your machine correctly set-up and prevent future problems

“A full service will prevent breakdowns and extend your machine’s life” Jon Isaacs, Chartered Engineer

“Hi Jon, Just wanted to give you a review as promised. Kris and Will came to Bournemouth last week to service my treadmill and  cross trainer. Very impressed with your prompt service , 2 lovely blokes. Will definitely use your company again, Regards” L & C, July 2020

The 3 Golden Rules for maximum machine life:


  1. Have it regularly maintained
  2. Make sure it is correctly set-up
  3. Use it for the purpose for which it was built

All machines require regular maintenance and having a full service will ensure your machine is set up and ready to use according to the manufacturer’s specification. A full service is the periodic, detailed check of a machine’s performance with respect to usage and the completion of due maintenance:

  • A full service will identify any safety related problems
  • Check that important aspects are functioning correctly
  • Provide preventative maintenance and adjustments to stop the onset of problems
  • Identify early signs of breakdown that would otherwise not be spotted by the user so that corrective actions can be taken before until an “out-of-order” failure occurs.

What a full service does not do:

• Fix existing problems (unless the problem can be resolved by virtue of the service procedure). Known problems should always be repaired before conducting a service.

• Address cosmetic and non-primary problems such as general wear and tear such as to trim and upholstery, broken bottle holders, damaged foot straps, problems with TV (eg. signal and channel lists), connected media (eg. ipod leads USB ports and their operation) and internet media (eg. 3rd party user apps and their functionality)

• Replace dry cell batteries which can be easily changed by the user


What does a FULL service include?

A FULL Service is a thorough service suitable for all machines irrespective of whether they have been properly maintained or not. It includes the removal of all covers and a thorough examination of all components, full safety checks, full functionality checks, dynamic testing and comprehensive preventative maintenance including cleaning and lubrication of all moving parts.


  1. Complete functionality and safety checks
  2. Remove covers
  3. Examine carefully for evidence of belt wear, bearing wear, loose pulleys, worn platforms, loose pedals, cracked guards, damaged wires, rodent droppings
  4. Test torque settings on load bearing fixings and joints
  5. Measure belt tension on primary belt drives
  6. Check frame for signs of cracks or corrosion
  7. Vacuum / dust out the insides and wipe the covers
  8. Re-tension and re-align belt(s) as required
  9. Lubricate belts, bearings, axles, pivots, tensioners, inclines etc (using Lithium grease/5 in 1 Pro lube/Silicone Oil as appropriate)
  10. Check electrical connections are secure and earth is good
  11. Examine power lead for damage and PAT test
  12. Check and re-tighten any loose frame joints/ pivots / cranks
  13.  Refit covers
  14.  Wipe external surfaces with anti-bacterial spray
  15.  Re-test machine for correct operation and major functions responding ok
  16. Measure motor current & re-calibrate (treadmills only)
  17. Stomp test (treadmills only)
  18. Check safety system is functioning operative
  19. Log machine model and serial number
  20. Hand over to customer, test and sign off the job

Can I get a Service Contract?

Yes you can. After the service, we can forward plan the date when your next service is due and contact you at the appropriate time (this is free and without obligation).  We also offer a service contract with a fixed monthly payment that includes an annual service and all the labour you may require for any repairs or adjustments in the meantime. [email protected] for more details or discuss with your Engineer!

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