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Gymnasium & Sports Hall Repairs

Book an Engineer today to get your equipment professionally inspected and certified

Avoid accidents, claims and keep the health & safety inspector and your insurance loss adjuster away!

Northwick’s Engineer will thoroughly check the integrity of your rig and equipment checking for

  • fractures in frames and welds
  • weaknesses due to metal fatigue
  • stress points
  • wear and tear in attachments, clips, chains, ropes and fittings
  • damage to upholstery, cushions, pads, leather, foot grips and handles
  • equipment stability
  • check nut/bolt torques
  • inspect for sharp edges
  • check safety stops, keys, locks and latches
  • check floor/wall bolts


Choose from a range of expert services

 Irrespective of your location or the nature of the problem, we will be able to assist you with a choice of expert services to suit your circumstances and budget:-


For all types of gymnasium and sports hall Equipment Including:

Functional Racks, Rigs & Stations
Climbing and battle ropes
Wall frames
Basket ball hoops
Pommel horses
5-A-Side goals
Badminton nets and posts
Boxing and MMA
Dumbbells / Barbells / Kettlebells
Suspension Frames & Straps
Bags, Balls & Rollers
Plyometrics & Force
Bands, Belts & Balance
Mats, Sprint Lanes & Flooring

Book An Engineer

Northwick Employs qualified electrical, electronics and controls specialists

DIY Repair series

Check out our playlist of 26 HD Professional videos to help you solve frequent problems with treadmills.

Ask an expert

If you would like to speak to one of experts for free-of-charge technical help.