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Gym Inspection

Gym Maintenance & Inspections Accredited Certification and Preventative Maintenance programmes

“Our members have already noticed a huge difference and are extremely happy with what you are doing. From a staff point of view, you have made our lives so much easier and far more comfortable as we can now reassure customers work will be done rather than having to make excuses. A huge thanks to you and all at Northwick who have helped provide this fantastic service!”

Lee Rogers, Centre Manager, The Abbey Sports Centre.


Northwick’s gym equipment inspection includes professional certification and preventative maintenance to help you :

(a) satisfy your health and safety responsibilities,

(b) maximise your equipment availability,

(c) keep your insurance premiums to a minimum.


For large gyms, we offer a full gym inspection priced from £549 plus VAT per visit (up to 20 machines) and for smaller commercial gyms, or private home gyms, we offer a mini-gym inspection priced from £299+VAT (up to 5 machines). In either case, additional machines can be added for £20+VAT each.

Our Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) approach means that you are not tied into a long term contract and can spread repairs and maintenance to suit your budget constraints.

We also offer Preventative Maintenance (PM) Contracts which can be combined with new equipment leasing or purchase. These contracts usually run over 1, 2 or 3 years and can be anything from a simple service visit every few months, through to a full preventative maintenance support package with equipment trade in options, and scheduled monthly visits with all parts and labour included. These programmes are tailored to suit your exact requirements and are individually
quoted. To request your quote [email protected]

Our Gym Inspection Programmes

Our industry-leading gym inspection programmes are tailored to suit your needs and are designed to accommodate small, private gyms with just a hand full of machines up to large establishments with hundreds of items. In all cases, our Engineers will thoroughly inspect each item of equipment and perform all necessary preventative maintenance checks and certify each machine as being “safe to use” as appropriate. You will receive a detailed report for each item which lists and prioritises any repair work (if any is required).

Preventative maintenance includes a full inspection, lubrication, adjustments to original specifications, and checking/re-torqueing fixings and belts etc. Parts, significant repairs or major servicing work are not included. If you need a full machine service, this is available separately and is priced at £149+VAT per machine.

Afterwards, we supply you with an accredited inspection certificate for your gym notice board so that you can demonstrate to your members that the equipment has been professionally inspected and certified. This document is signed and validated by our Lead Engineer who is a Chartered Engineer. Subsequent visits are then scheduled as appropriate based on the condition and age of the equipment and the forecasted use. Typically gym inspections are scheduled monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly or annually.

If subsequent repairs are required, customers on our PAYG plans receive a detailed description of the work required, that is prioritised and scheduled with your agreement so that you stay in control of expenditure. We find that most customers prefer this method rather than the open cheque book approach that you tend to get with a “per hour” invoicing basis. We invoice immediately after the visit and offer credit terms for repeat customers.

Customers who choose our PM contract gym inspection plan enjoy a tailored support package including all parts and labour as part of their contract. This helps avoid sudden equipment failures, expensive repair bills and places the hassle of dealing with repairs firmly with us!

For more information, [email protected] or book an engineer to get started now.

Our existing clients include Lords Cricket Ground, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, Stroud District Council, The SAS, and The European Institute of Fitness. We also look after a large number of smaller gyms and regularly travel throughout the UK and for this reason we can usually schedule a convenient date for you quite quickly.

What you get:-

Your own assigned Engineer

A “Safe to Use” report for each machine

Inspection of cables and fixings

Check and lubricate main belts, pulleys, rollers, bearings

Test Guards / E-Stop / locking keys / seat belts

Inspect Frame and welds

Inspect Handles / Grips

Check Bump stops / shock absorbers

Inspect Seat fixings, platforms, decks, pedals

Inspect Trim, upholstery, cushions, seat pads

Test Electrics, earthing, fuses

Check adjustment mechanisms / programmes

Lubrication to main points

Check CE Mark

Check safe working limits visible

Prioritised Rectification

A comprehensive electronic form containing individual inspection reports (one per machine)

An accredited Inspection Certificate , signed and stamped by a Chartered Engineer

No obligation prices for any rectification work

Scheduled follow up inspections


Why bother with a Gym Inspection?

The Health and Safety Executive recommend that gym equipment should be inspected daily for signs of wear and tear or damage, and thoroughly inspected at least annually (depending on usage) as part of a maintenance regime. There are also legal obligations under the PUWER regulations and the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Insurers also require that equipment is maintained and inspected and will ask for evidence of this in the event of an accident claim (for example, if someone were to be injured while in your gym and make a claim against you).

Northwick’s maintenance programme satisfies the requirement for a maintenance regime and provides you with documentary evidence that your equipment has been maintained. At the end of each inspection, you receive individual machine inspection reports for each item inspected and an inspection certificate for your wall or noticeboard as evidence of compliance.

Besides health and safety & insurance there is also a commercial benefit to be gained from regular maintenance including optimising the equipment performance and ensuring the maximum equipment life (for the least amount of expenditure). To support our gym inspection programme we also offer a wide range of support services including:

Mechanical repairs
Electrical repairs
Electronic repairs
Obsolete parts repair or re-manufacture
Cables, ropes and belts
Upholstery repairs
Servicing and lubrication

Our Engineers are trained to help and advise you about your ongoing machine repair strategy by taking into account of how the equipment is used and how often it is used so that you can take a much more rounded approach to repairs and maintanance.

Why use Northwick?

Our approach is unique because we establish why problems occur so as to help you predict failures before they occur. Thus, Northwick can offer you expert opinion as to how best to prioritise and schedule equipment repairs and help you to differentiate between repair versus replacement. You gain a detailed picture of your equipment condition which can help you to retain members, manage your cash flow and plan ahead for equipment upgrades.