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Gym Maintenance Servicing and Safety Inspections

Smart Service – the 2 in 1 Gym Maintenance Service and Inspection

What is Smart Service?

Smart Service is a new and intelligent approach to gym maintenance  for that saves time and money without compromising on quality. It combines a gym equipment maintenance service and a safety inspection into one visit and is suitable for all makes and models of fitness machines. Smart Service is designed specifically for commercial and private gyms where there are multiple machines and will thoroughly test all the relevant safety and performance aspects whilst also delivering essential preventative maintenance (all the maintenance that you can’t do!) to ensure your equipment is always ready and available for use!

Smart Service is:

  • Streamlined – you only need ONE visit to cover BOTH your gym equipment service and inspection
  • Measurable – we use the latest test equipment and technology to ensure that all critical aspects are tested to specification
  • Efficient – our expertise and experience is focused on the key areas of your equipment where attention is most needed
  • Economical – you get the technical benefit where you really need it without wasting money on low value added tasks and trivia (such as machine cleaning and cosmetic details)

A Smart Service is about maintaining your equipment in an optimum condition and preventing problems from developing. It is not recommended for equipment that has already broken down. In this case, a remote diagnosis may be the better choice. If you are not sure how to proceed, or need advice [email protected]


Smart Service saves money

Smart Service, the 2 in 1 gym equipment service and inspection, is competitively priced on a per machine basis making it scalable and affordable for everyone from the smallest private gym owner through to the largest commercial gym operator.

Smart Service is pay-as-you-go and you are not tied into a long term contract. This means that you could choose to book an annual visit, or you may prefer a visit every 6 months on some items of equipment where the usage is highest. Certain aspects of your gym, such as a spin studio or treadmills which are in almost constant use, may benefit from a visit every 3 months – the choice is yours and we are happy to advise if you are not sure what frequency of visit would work best for you!

Smart Service is for all gyms – large and small

Our industry-leading Smart Service is designed to be flexible so as to accommodate small, private gyms with just a hand full of machines up to large 24/7 establishments with hundreds of items. The type or make of equipment does not matter as our Engineers are trained to work on all makes and models (in fact, we have been trained and are accredited by many of the world’s leading equipment manufacturers)

To book a Smart Service, your 2 in 1 gym equipment service and inspection, simply book online and select the “onsite visit” option and we will arrange a quote and schedule a visit for one of our expert Engineers to attend.

Once onsite our Engineer will thoroughly inspect each item of equipment and perform all necessary preventative maintenance checks and certify each machine as being “safe to use” as appropriate. You will receive a detailed report for each item which lists and prioritises any repair work (if any is required).

Preventative maintenance includes a full inspection, lubrication, adjustment, and testing of critical fixings and belts to the right torque and tension. New parts, significant repairs or major servicing works are not included but if we can complete a repair by virtue of the Smart Service itself then we will!

Smart Service is not recommended for machines that are “out-of-order”. In such cases, we suggest you book a diagnosis first. A smart service does not include machine cleaning, user adjustments and should not be confused with a full service.

Following a Smart Service, we supply you with an accredited inspection certificate for your gym notice board so that you can demonstrate to your members that the equipment has been professionally inspected, serviced and certified. This document is signed and validated by our Lead Engineer who is a Chartered Engineer. Subsequent visits can be pre-scheduled at the required frequency as appropriate.

If repairs are required following the Smart Service, we will provide you with details of the work required with a fixed price quote that you can then prioritise and scheduled. You are not under any obligation to proceed with the repairs. We find that most customers prefer this method rather than a “per hour” invoicing basis which can be open-ended.

For more information, [email protected] or book an engineer to get started now.

Our existing clients are wide and varied and include the UK’s top 5 gym operators, OEM’s, and notable names such as The English Institute of Sport, Lords Cricket Ground, and the SAS. However, a large proportion of our clients are made up of independent gyms, hotels, schools, universities, NHS trusts and private individuals….. oh, and Barbara Streisand!

We regularly travel throughout the UK and for this reason we can usually schedule a convenient date for you quite quickly.

What you get with a Smart Service

  • A 2 in 1 gym equipment service and inspection for each item of equipment
  • Your own dedicated expert Engineer
  • Dynamic testing of the machine
  • A safety report for each machine
  • Testing of main drive belt tension (frequency method)
  • Inspection of cables and attachments (includes steel cables and kevlar belting)
  • Lubrication main belts, pulleys, rollers, bearings
  • Test Guards / E-Stop / locking keys / seat belts
  • Inspect frame and welds
  • Inspect handles / grips
  • Clean and test user cooling fan
  • Clean electronic cooling fans
  • Test load cells (where fitted)
  • Check counters and record mileage
  • Removal of dust accumulations to critical areas
  • Check for bearing noise, vibration and imbalance
  • Testing of safety critical fixings (torque test)
  • Check bump stops / shock absorbers
  • Check batteries and terminals
  • Inspect seat fixings, platforms, decks, pedals
  • Testing of motors (dynamic test as required)
  • Check electrics, earthing, fuses (PAT test optional extra)
  • Check adjustment mechanisms / programmes
  • Recalibration (as required)
  • Checking for known problems / weak spots
  • Lubrication to main points as required
  • CE compliance check
  • Check safe working limits visible
  • Fit for purpose check
  • An accredited Inspection Certificate , signed and stamped by a Chartered Engineer
  • No obligation prices for any rectification work (if required)

Why have a Smart Service?

The Health and Safety Executive recommend that gym equipment should be inspected daily for signs of wear and tear or damage, and thoroughly inspected at least annually (depending on usage) as part of a maintenance regime. There are also legal obligations under the PUWER regulations and the Health and Safety at Work Act. Insurers also require that equipment is maintained and inspected and will ask for evidence of this in the event of an accident claim (for example, if someone were to be injured while in your gym and make a claim against you).

Northwick’s Smart Service 2 in 1 gym equipment service and inspection exceeds the requirement for a normal “maintenance regime” and provides you with documentary evidence that your equipment has been tested and maintained by a competent person. At the end of each inspection, you receive individual machine inspection reports for each item inspected and an inspection certificate for your wall or noticeboard as evidence of compliance.

Besides health and safety & insurance there is also a commercial benefit to be gained from regular maintenance including optimising the equipment performance and ensuring the maximum equipment life (for the least amount of expenditure). To support our gym inspection programme we also offer a wide range of support services including:

  • Mechanical repairs
  • Electrical repairs
  • Electronic repairs
  • Obsolete parts repair or re-manufacture
  • Cables, ropes and belts
  • Upholstery repairs
  • Servicing and lubrication
  • Machine trade-in options

Why use Northwick?

Some so called “gym experts” are little more than experts in how to swap parts. However, at Northwick, we believe it is more important to get to the root cause of a problem and fix that first; to do that it is necessary to know how machines tick! Our Engineers have a thorough understanding of how and why machines do what they do. This gives us a unique insight into how they are designed and built and as a result we can identify the good and bad aspects and focus our efforts accordingly.  This gives you the best value for money, the best service and enables us to extract the best life from your machines and equipment.

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