Defibrillator Service Inspections from £49+VAT

Onsite Inspection and Servicing

Defibrillator and AED Service Inspection and Certification

If you are responsible for looking after a defibrllator or AED, you’ll want to know whether it is currently fully operational and when any maintenance is required so as to be sure that it is always fit for use. This is where we can help!

Northwick’s Defibrillator / AED  service inspection and certification provides you with:

  •  A full inspection and fault diagnosis
  • A full device service and system check
  • An inspection certificate
  • Due date for the next inspection
  • Advice on how to do your own daily checks
  • Product familiarisation so that you are confident in handling it and using it!

AED’s and Defibrillators require regular inspection and servicing to avoid problems that can inhibit operation at a critical moment. It is well known that defibrillator batteries will discharge over a period of time and that they must be regularly checked and replaced by the date indicated on the manufacturer’s label. However, it is less well known that batteries can also fail at random intervals due to internal problems such as sulfation of the electrodes and cell damage due to exposure to extremes of temperatures (both high and low temperatures). Terminal connectors and wiring can corrode and lead to intermittent or poor electrical connections inside the device, and security enclosure heaters and back-up power supplies can fail. In some cases there are external factors to consider such as insects and rodents that are often attracted to the safety provided by the AED enclosure and can cause irreparable damage to the device, leads and pads!

Some of these problems can go unnoticed and can take a well trained eye to detect.


To make life easier, Northwick’s onsite inspection and service to identify any potential problems. This is a good way to begin your AED or defibrillator maintenance regime especially if you have not had a previous visit and don’t know the exact condition of your equipment. There is no long term contract to worry about, no hidden charges and no need to send us your device. Simply use the links below to book an engineer or ask an expert. 

For an onsite engineer visit, simply choose one of our call out options and add £49+VAT for the service inspection and certification.

Alternatively, post your device to us we will complete the inspection for £49+VAT plus return postage, packing and insurance. 

In either case, any repairs or replacement parts (if required) are charged extra.

Following the inspection, we will advise on the equipment condition and, if appropriate, arrange for any repairs or replacements parts according to the manufacturer’s specification. We will issue a certificate to confirm what has been inspected which will include the due date for the next inspection. Please note that our inspection certificate does not provide you with efficacy risk cover in the event of your AED/Defibrillator fails to perform its intended function at any time. You are advised to refer to your own insurers if you require cover for efficacy risk.

Onsite engineer service inspection and certification includes:-

 Pre-arranged visit 

Daily Auto Test, Start-up test and Self Test

Enclosure, locks & latches, LED/LCD display test

Charge indicator and readiness status test

Instructions & labels present and correct to specification

Speaker and volume test

 Auto-assistant sequence and logic test

Accessories pack present and correct

CE compliance and validity of manufacturer’s ID

Integrity test of electrode pad(s)

Suitability of the electrodes/pads

Expiry date of pad(s) and battery

Charging Battery Voltage test

 Record test results and log date for next inspection


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