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CAD Design Services

3D design and layouts using Solidworks from £49+VAT per hour

Transform your ideas into reality with Northwick

Our expertise in servicing and maintaining  machines gives us a unique insight into how products perform in the field and how their design can be improved. We use this knowledge for bespoke designs for clients wishing to convert their ideas into reality.

Our expertise comes from years of experience gained through our involvement in wide array of projects since 2003. We have designed and built machines, tools and products for clients all over the world including Saipem and BAE Systems. Some of our our designs have been for one off specials such as the pipe cut-off machine shown left (CAD model) and  below (actual machine), whilst others have been used for mass production.  Our expertise encompasses:-

  • 3D mechanical design using Solidworks
  • Manufacturing layout and detailed drawings
  • Electrical circuit design
  • Control software (PLC’s, logic controllers and mircroprocessors)
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic system integration
  • Safety systems
  • Product manuals and standards
  • CE marking

Custom made parts, modifications or upgrades

Our design team are able to produce three dimensional models and designs for all kinds of purposes. Many designs that we do are relatively simple in complexity. These may be for brand new parts to adapt or improve an existing machine, or to re-produce an existing part which is no longer available. One client engaged us to design and manufacture a small assembly of parts with fitting instructions which could be retro-fitted to existing machines in the field so as to strengthen the frame and prevent future breakdowns.  Another client used our services to produce a special bracket which was used to repair a small batch of machines in order to repair them and thus avoid replacement costs.


To discuss your idea or individual requirements, please call us on 01386 555630 or email [email protected]


Our expertise includes:-

 Drives, axles, pulleys and pivots

 Bearings, belts, bushes, and keyways 

 Alternators and generators 

Mains and battery power systems

 Chokes, filters and noise suppression

 PWM, Inverter, Pneumatic and Hydraulic drive technology

AC and DC motors

 Surface finish and heat treatment

 User Instructions & specifications

Bills of materials

 STEP files for manufacture

 Specifications for spare parts and maintenance

CE compliance 



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